Now, it’s official!

So Hurricane and I kinda started running our blog finally and we’re trying to post as often as possible. I’m gonna show you the header in the original size cause on tumblr it had to be smaller.


I hope you like it. I’m not quite satisfied with myself (my legs look weird and stuff) but I think Hurricane turned out pretty good. When I was looking for a colour for his shirt – I wanted pink for him but meh (just kidding) – I found this tone of greyish-greenish blue and I just puked rainbows I loved it so much. I should’ve saved this colour though. Anyway as whole it’s kinda okay I think. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t go fixing it, cause I’m a lazy fuck.

See our blog here.

Drawing finally

I wanted to get up at 7 today, but I somehow overslept despite the alarm. Then I sat down to draw for Hurricane’s and my tumblr a header. I had to realize that I’m not ¬†used to drawing on my tablet anymore. That’s really sad, so I’ll start practising. Anyway I could draw the lineart for the header (kinda). So here’s a WIP pic:


I’m not quite satisfied how it looks, but meh… I’ll finish it anyways, maybe it’ll look better after I colour it.

Around 4 I started preparing for my chemistry exam and HOLY SHIT I have a lot of things to do. I was doing it UNTIL 20:30!!! My head aches terribly. And I’m done with only 13,5 out of 93 and I have two weeks left. Fortunately I’ll have a week exam break before the event, so I hope I’ll have time to learn everything and memorise all this bullshit. (Note that I actually like chemistry but an exam is an exam deal with it…)

And our tumblr: