I came back from skiing camp on friday. Bless the organisers cause coming home on friday means there’s no school on the next day… hmmmm

Anyway, I would’ve loved to stay there for one more week or so, cause I guess it was my best skiing camp out of the 9 I’ve been to. I already miss my beloved snowboard and the trainers. I mean look at one of them:



Never seen anyone more badass than him and my other trainer. This pic got “Call my maybe” for caption. 

Well, have some pictures of my ugly self snowboarding:

Journey of life

Recently I saw PewdiePie‘s videos of him playing Journey. It’s a game for PS3 so I personally can’t play this, but just watching it got me. I was almost crying at the end. Such a beautiful game. Basically you don’t really have to do many things, just go ahead and do smaller tasks, so it’s not that interactive if I can say that, but. BUT. I think there’s no need for more interactive stuff. The creators put pretty much on the atmosphere and the design and the look. It’s quite simple but really really beautiful.

You start  in the middle of a desert and all you can see are tombstones and a mountain in the distance. Through your travel you get to know the story behind your nation. In the end can’t actually tell what happens and that’s a good thing. It leaves it open to your interpretation and also makes it mysterious. The whole game itself is magical not only because you hvae some kind of power, but the environment and design. Also it’s very innocent in my opinion. And you have a companion along the travel who is a random player online, but you become true friends. You can see their name at the vrey end of the game.

I found a parallel with life in it. Our character has a goal, to reach the top of the mountain and works hard to achieve it and at the end (if you watch all the credits, you fly back to the beginning and you can start a new journey. It’s like when you set yourself a goal, you shouldn’t give up but make it through and when you get to the end and success, you can find and set a new goal, a new journey, but now, on a higher level. If you play it you’ll understand.

If you’re planning to play it I recommend not watching whole playthrough videos, you should experience it for the first time. It sure will carry you with itself. But if you really want a sneak peak, here’s Pewds’ video: