Django Unchained – Absurd reality

Being a non-racist, white girl, I think I can’t say any big facts about racism, so I’ll only share how I see it. First, I think racism is a feature of primitive people, and it holds back solving social problems. Ironically it emerges from social dissatisfaction and there gotta be someone punished, who is surely not the problematic ones. Just by imagining how it feels like to be an outcast pisses me off. And feeling the anger also makes me not wanting to make others feel this way. People should learn hatin those individuals who they know deserve hate because of their actions – pedophiles, rapists, murderers – instead of cultures, religions, races for no particular reason.

Django Unchained is a very good example how disgusting humans can be. The stoy is about a slave named Django becoming free and going after his wife to unite again. All this with the help of dr Schultz a dentist turned into a head-hunter. It all gets serious, when they come to know Brunhilde, Django’s wife is a property of Monsieur Candy, a rich possessor of a plantation, who also runs gladiator fights with black men.

I’d bravely say this is a funny movie. But on the other hand it does not make fun of black slavery. Those serious moments are so disgusting and inhuman, you don’t actually want to believe it. And also the humour is so absurd, that it burns into your mind that these things actually happened.

The characters were brilliant. Django is really badass and a lovable character. Schultz was my favourite person. Such a tricky, stylish and classy character, and all along you wait for a twist. Like he had a black love or anything, just a reason why he helps Django, but no, he just simply hates slavery and (apart from killing many people (who are atually criminals)) he seems to be the most human. For me. And Candy. Trying to look clever, but under the surface he is easily manipulated, and recieves advices from his slave, who turns out to be much more devious. And yes that is Samuel L. Jackson. Every word he speaks is gold, I swear.

All in all, I highly recommend experiencing this story, and it’s worth it watching in a cinema.


Perks of being a wallflower

I liked this movie. It’s not that kind of big deep movie, it’s rather for people my age. Though it has some twists and secrets and in the end most of the things get clear but not everything.

Starts off with Charlie who’s beginning his first year at high school and doesn’t have any friends. Then he decides he should find some buddies to make life bearable. That’s when he gets to know Patrick and Sam, who take him to a party and introduce some other people. So finally he has friends and things get complicated. Following the events we get to know a little about his past.

I really loved the feeling of this movie, I can’t really describe it, so I recommend you to watch it.


Except watching this movie I haven’t done anything today. I only did some ( a lot of ) chemistry and done… I was sitting in my chair and sometimes I ate something. Not very productive…