Perks of being a wallflower

I liked this movie. It’s not that kind of big deep movie, it’s rather for people my age. Though it has some twists and secrets and in the end most of the things get clear but not everything.

Starts off with Charlie who’s beginning his first year at high school and doesn’t have any friends. Then he decides he should find some buddies to make life bearable. That’s when he gets to know Patrick and Sam, who take him to a party and introduce some other people. So finally he has friends and things get complicated. Following the events we get to know a little about his past.

I really loved the feeling of this movie, I can’t really describe it, so I recommend you to watch it.


Except watching this movie I haven’t done anything today. I only did some ( a lot of ) chemistry and done… I was sitting in my chair and sometimes I ate something. Not very productive…


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