I finally had Kung Fu training today, and it felt so good having some excercises. I do Wing Tsun Kung Fu which is a kind of self defense, street type (correct me if I’m wrong). Actually I’ve noticed that I’ve started using it in the everyday life. Like my reactions are faster (well, still not fast enough for real Kung Fu) and if I’m under some kind of attack even if it’s playful I attack back and attack on the weak points. Don’t get me wrong I’m only attending the trainings for like a year and a half, so these are just slight changes, but noticable.

I continued drawing the header for http://capricane69.tumblr.com and I started coloring which is I think my weak point cause I need to practise it more and I don’t really like coloring but whatever. Colours make it interesting. Here’s a sneka-peak:


Maybe you can guess who’s illustrated.

I haven’t done any chemisrty parts today so I think I’m gonna do some now. Time’s running out and tempus neminem manet.


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