Drawing finally

I wanted to get up at 7 today, but I somehow overslept despite the alarm. Then I sat down to draw for Hurricane’s and my tumblr a header. I had to realize that I’m not  used to drawing on my tablet anymore. That’s really sad, so I’ll start practising. Anyway I could draw the lineart for the header (kinda). So here’s a WIP pic:


I’m not quite satisfied how it looks, but meh… I’ll finish it anyways, maybe it’ll look better after I colour it.

Around 4 I started preparing for my chemistry exam and HOLY SHIT I have a lot of things to do. I was doing it UNTIL 20:30!!! My head aches terribly. And I’m done with only 13,5 out of 93 and I have two weeks left. Fortunately I’ll have a week exam break before the event, so I hope I’ll have time to learn everything and memorise all this bullshit. (Note that I actually like chemistry but an exam is an exam deal with it…)

And our tumblr: http://capricane69.tumblr.com/


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