Skating on Uxor

Woke up to the beautiful view of the frost covered trees and grass, and couldn’t resist to take some pictures. Shamefully they aren’t very good though. Anyway I think these two are bearable:



Believe me it looked magical.

I actually slept till like 12 o’clock. Then I started searching about canadian universities, especially UBC and U of T. I may want to go there after finishing high school, but first I can’t decide to try going to UWC programme first or not. It might help me get in to universities abroad since I’d get an International Baccalaureate.
I went skating with my brother. There were a LOT of people. At first I could barely move faster than a beginner. And there were a lot of annoying habits like skating backwards and going out of the rink sheer. And the best:


And you can’t just pass them by cause there’s a crowd everywhere. But near the end it was cool finally and I could skate in a normal speed.


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